Advice and Management Solutions

Do you have a flat that only carries expenses?

Would you like to rent it or sell it but you don’t know which is the best way to do it?

Is it best to sell in the actual situation or to make a remodelling to increase its value and sell it or rent it after that?

Are you studying to buy a vacation home, or a flat as investment to rent it?

Is it a good idea to invest your funds in a property, or your money is better in Treasury Bonds or the Stock Market?

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All these questions don’t have an easy and unique answer. Each case is different and there are lots of factors in the management of a property. We study each specific case and offer the most suitable solution for each client.

  • Location of opportunities relating price, structure, location and possibilities of the property.
  • Remodelling studies, with measurements’ taking, plans drawing and different remodelling solutions before the buying, in order to be able to study the viability of the operation.
  • Complete Rental Management service. Contracts writing, breakdown repairs, cleaning, painting, home staging, photography, advertising, search for tenants...
  • Investment viability studies, budget calculation, estimated rate of return

Let a professional advice you. Don’t doubt in asking for information.

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