Technical solutions

The arrangement of spaces is basic for the value of a flat, so much for the living, as if we want to rent it or sell it.

We study all the possibilities to get the best use out of the property. We make different designs previous to the buying, so that you can have a real estimation of what you can get out of it before deciding to invest in it or not.

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We take special care to the aspects that are tied to the property and can’t be changed (at least not in an economic way), as location and structure.

Let a professional advice you in an investment that can suppose an important part of your assets. Our prices are really competitive.

  • Building
  • Remodelling
  • Urban planning
  • Garden design
  • Opening permits
  • Expert’s reports
  • Energy Certificates
  • Studies
  • Legalisations
  • Appraisals

We take care of everything, projects management, permits’ formalities, administrative processes…

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