In the actual market we can find plenty of properties at really interesting prices. Good buy opportunities for your own home as well as for an investment, to remodel and rent.
How can we choose among this big offer and select the best jewels?
The first point we must take into consideration is location. This is an essential aspect, because that’s something we can’t change, it’s linked to the property. It’s not necessary to buy at the best neighbourhood, but it shouldn’t either be located in a degraded suburb. If possible, near to communications, hospital, university… This makes it easier to rent it or sell it in the future. When we buy our home, we usually don’t think that we will sell it or rent it anytime, but the reality is that it occurs quite often. In these cases we will feel happy if we have bought in a good location.
The second point to consider is the structural condition of the building. It’s an aspect that, even though can be changed, it can be terribly expensive. It’s a good idea to take the advice of an expert before the buying, specially in case of old buildings.
The best investment opportunities are those properties that, having a good location and structural condition, are in a state of abandonment and wasted due to an inefficient arrangement. In these cases, with a not so expensive remodelling, we can bring the flat to value.
As example we have the case of a property in which an arrangement with too many corridors, make a great part of the space hardly usable. Narrow and dark kitchens, small bathrooms… With a not so complicated work, modifying some walls, we obtain an open and modern space. Open kitchens with bar give more light to narrow spaces. When we have the possibility to add a new toilet in old flats that have only one bath, we give great value to the property. This way with a good study of space, we can take the best out of an old flat, reaching a modern and efficient home.